Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2009/386

QTRU: A Lattice Attack Resistant Version of NTRU

Ehsan Malekian and Ali Zakerolhosseini and Atefeh Mashatan

Abstract: We propose QTRU, a probabilistic and multi-dimensional public key cryptosystem based on the NTRU public key cryptosystem using quaternion algebra. QTRU encrypts four data vectors in each encryption session and the only other major diĀ®erence between NTRU and QTRU is that the underlying algebraic structure has been changed to a non-commutative algebraic structure. As a result, QTRU inherits the strength of NTRU and its positive points. In addition, the non commutativity of the underlying structure of QTRU makes it much more resistant to some lattice-based attacks. After a brief description of NRTU, we begin by describing the algebraic structure used in QTRU. Further, we present the details of the key generation, encryption and decryption algorithms of QTRU and discuss the issues regarding key security, message security, and probability of successful decryption. Last but not least, QTRU's resistance against lattice-based attacks is investigated.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / QTRU, NTRU, quaternion algebra, public key cryptography, encryption

Date: received 3 Aug 2009

Contact author: a-zaker at sbu ac ir

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