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Forgotten Secret Recovering Scheme and Fuzzy Vault Scheme Constructed Based on Systematic Error-Correcting Codes


Abstract: In this paper, we revisit the Forgotten Secret Recovering Scheme for $k$ users, referred to as FSRS($k$) previously proposed by the present author. FSRS($k$) takes advantage of the fact that Reed-Solomon code used in FSRS($k$) is constructed in a form of systematic code. We show that a particular class of FSRS($k$), FSRS($1$), can be successfully applied to the various cryptoscheme including Fuzzy Vault Scheme (FVS).

Category / Keywords: applications / Forgotten Secret Recovering Scheme, Fuzzy Vault Scheme, Reed-Solomon code, Movie Lover's Problem

Date: received 25 Jul 2009

Contact author: kasahara at ogu ac jp

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