Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2009/359

Bonsai Trees (or, Arboriculture in Lattice-Based Cryptography)

Chris Peikert

Abstract: We introduce *bonsai trees*, a lattice-based cryptographic primitive that we apply to resolve some important open problems in the area. Applications of bonsai trees include:

1. An efficient, stateless `hash-and-sign' signature scheme in the *standard model* (i.e., no random oracles), and

2. The first *hierarchical* identity-based encryption (HIBE) scheme (also in the standard model) that does not rely on bilinear pairings.

Interestingly, the abstract properties of bonsai trees seem to have no known realization in conventional number-theoretic cryptography.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / lattice-based cryptography, signatures, identity-based encryption

Date: received 19 Jul 2009, last revised 1 Dec 2010

Contact author: cpeikert at alum mit edu

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Note: Subsumed by merged paper (with ePrint report 2009/351) appearing in Eurocrypt 2010; full version in ePrint report 2010/591.

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