Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2009/346

Security Analysis of the GF-NLFSR Structure and Four-Cell Block Cipher

Wenling Wu and Lei Zhang and Liting Zhang and Wentao Zhang

Abstract: The overall structure is one of the most important properties of block ciphers. At present, the most common structures include Feistel structure, SP structure, MISTY structure, L-M structure and Generalized Feistel structure. In \cite{29}, Choy et al. proposed a new structure called GF-NLFSR (Generalized Feistel-NonLinear Feedback Shift Register), and designed a new block cipher called Four-Cell which is based on the 4-cell GF-NLFSR. In this paper, we first study properties of the $n$-cell GF-NLFSR structure, and prove that for an $n$-cell GF-NLFSR, there exists an $(n^2+n-2)$ rounds impossible differential. Then we present an impossible differential attack on the full 25-round Four-Cell using this kind of 18-round impossible differential distinguisher together with differential cryptanalysis technique. The data complexity of our attack is $2^{111.5}$ and the time complexity is less than $2^{123.5}$ encryptions. In addition, we expect the attack to be more efficient when the relations between different round subkeys can be exploited by taking the key schedule algorithm into consideration.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / GF-NLFSR structure, Four-Cell block cipher, Impossible differential cryptanalysis, Data complexity, Time complexity

Date: received 13 Jul 2009

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