Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2009/301

A Probabilistic Secret Sharing Scheme for a Compartmented Access Structure

Yuyin Yu and Mingsheng Wang

Abstract: In a compartmented access structure, there are disjoint participants C1, . . . ,Cm. The access structure consists of subsets of participants containing at least ti from Ci for i = 1, . . . ,m, and a total of at least t0 participants. Tassa [2] asked: whether there exists an efficient ideal secret sharing scheme for such an access structure? Tassa and Dyn [5] presented a solution using the idea of bivariate interpolation and the concept of dual program [9, 10]. For the purpose of practical applications, it is advantageous to have a simple scheme solving the problem. In this paper a simple scheme is given for this problem using the similar idea from [5].

Category / Keywords: Secret sharing, Compartmented access structure, Ideality

Date: received 23 Jun 2009

Contact author: yuyuyin at 163 com

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