Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2009/294

Low Latency High Bandwidth Anonymous Overlay Network with Anonymous Routing

Roman Schlegel and Duncan S. Wong

Abstract: Most existing anonymous networks focus on providing strong anonymity for the price of having lower bandwidth, higher latency and degraded usability when compared with the conventional use of the Internet. They also often anonymize only a few specific applications. In this paper, we propose a new approach of constructing an anonymous network. The network consists of an overlay network, which provides anonymity to all applications running on top of it, and a routing protocol, which can be considered as an anonymized version of path vector routing. The protocol preserves the high performance characteristics of the path vector routing and also has the added advantage of hiding the overlay network topology. Our simulation results show that the expected latency of our approach is 50% better than that of existing systems. Besides the new anonymous routing protocol, this paper aims to provide the general overview of this new anonymous overlay network which may serve as the input for further research.

Category / Keywords: anonymity

Date: received 18 Jun 2009

Contact author: sschlegel2 at student cityu edu hk

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