Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2009/185

All-or-Nothing Transforms as a Countermeasure to Differential Side-Channel Analysis

Robert P. McEvoy and Michael Tunstall and Claire Whelan and Colin C. Murphy and William P. Marnane

Abstract: All-or-Nothing Encryption was introduced by Rivest as a countermeasure to brute force key search attacks. This work identifies a new application for All-or-Nothing Transforms, as a protocol-level countermeasure to Differential Side-Channel Analysis (DSCA). We describe an extension to the All-or-Nothing protocol, that strengthens the DCSA resistance of the cryptosystem. The resultant scheme is a practical alternative to Boolean and arithmetic masking, used to protect implementations of encryption and decryption operations on electronic devices.

Category / Keywords: applications / Side-Channel Analysis, DSCA, DPA,Masking, All-or-Nothing Transforms

Date: received 30 Apr 2009

Contact author: robertmce at eleceng ucc ie

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Note: Work in progress

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