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Concrete Security for Entity Recognition: The Jane Doe Protocol (Full Paper)

Stefan Lucks and Erik Zenner and Andre Weimerskirch and Dirk Westhoff

Abstract: Entity recognition does not ask whether the message is from some entity X, just whether a message is from the same entity as a previous message. This turns turns out to be very useful for low-end devices. Motivated by an attack against a protocol presented at SAC 2003, the current paper proposes a new protocol -- the ``Jane Doe Protocol'' --, and provides a formal proof of its concrete security. The protocol neither employs asymmetric cryptography, nor a trusted third party, nor any key pre-distribution. It is suitable for light-weight cryptographic devices such as sensor network motes and RFID tags.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / secret-key cryptography , identification protocols, hash functions, message authentication codes,

Publication Info: An extended abstract has been published: S. Lucks, E. Zenner, A. Weimerskirch and D. Westhoff ``Concrete Security for Entity Recognition: The Jane Doe Protocol'', Indocrypt 2008. This is the full version of the paper.

Date: received 20 Apr 2009

Contact author: Stefan Lucks at uni-weimar de

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