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Key Predistribution Schemes in Distributed Wireless Sensor Network using Combinatorial Designs Revisited

Anupam Pattanayak and B. Majhi

Abstract: A Sensor Node in Wireless Sensor Network has very limited resources such as processing capability, memory capacity, battery power, and communication capability. When the communication between any two sensor nodes are required to be secured, the symmetric key cryptography technique is used for its advantage over public key cryptography in terms of requirement of less resources. Keys are pre-distributed to each sensor node from a set of keys called key pool before deployment of sensors nodes. Combinatorial design helps in a great way to determine the way keys are drawn from the key pool for distributing to individual sensor nodes. We study various deterministic key predistribution techniques that are based on combinatorial design.

Category / Keywords: key predistribution, combinatorial design

Date: received 20 Mar 2009

Contact author: anupam pk at gmail com

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