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1024 - A High Security Software Oriented Block Cipher

Dieter Schmidt

Abstract: A cryptographer with week algorithm get his feedback almost instantly by the open crypto community. But what about government cryptanalysis ? Given the fact that there is a considerable amount of cryptanalysis behind closed doors, what is to be done to get COMINT deaf ? The NSA, as the most closely examined SIGINT agency, has a workforce of 38,000 [2], among them several thousand cryptologist. The actual wiretapping is done by the Central Security Service with 25,000 women and men. Other industrialised states have also thousands cryptologist at their wage role. The block cipher 1024 is an attempt to make cryptanalysis more difficult especially with differential (DC) and linear cryptanalysis. The assumption is that the increased security will defeat other cryptanalytical not yet known by the open crypto community. 1024 has a block size of 1024 bits and a key length of 2048 bits.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Block Cipher, differential and linear cryptanalysis

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Date: received 1 Mar 2009, last revised 27 Mar 2009

Contact author: dieterschmidt at usa com

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