Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2009/085

UC-Secure Source Routing Protocol

Tao Feng and Xian Guo and Jianfeng Ma and Xinghua Li

Abstract: The multi-path routing scheme provides reliable guarantee for mobile ad hoc network. A new method is proposed that is using to analyze the security of multi-path routing protocol within the framework of Universally Composable (UC) security. Based on the topological model that there exist adversarial nodes, the concept of plausible route is extended and the definition of plausible-route set is presented. Plausible-route set is used in description of the multi-path routing for Ad hoc network, and a formal security definition based on UC-RP is given. A provably Security Multiple Node-Disjoint Paths source routing (SMNDP) is proposed and address secure fault issue of MNDP in the active adversary model. The new approach shows that the security of SMNDP can be reduced to the security of the message authentication code and the digital signature. SMNDP implements the correctness of route discovery process, the authentication of nodes identifier and the integrality of route information.

Category / Keywords: MANET, plausible route, UC-secure, SMNDP

Date: received 18 Feb 2009, last revised 18 Feb 2009

Contact author: iamxg at 163 com, iamxguo at aol com, iamxbr at sohu com

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