Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/478

Attribute-Based Encryption with Key Cloning Protection

M. J. Hinek and S. Jiang and R. Safavi-Naini and S. F. Shahandashti

Abstract: In this work, we consider the problem of key cloning in attribute-based encryption schemes. We introduce a new type of attribute-based encryption scheme, called token-based attribute-based encryption, that provides strong deterrence for key cloning, in the sense that delegation of keys reveals some personal information about the user. We formalize the security requirements for such a scheme in terms of indistinguishability of the ciphertexts and two new security requirements which we call uncloneability and privacy-preserving. We construct a privacy-preserving uncloneable token-based attribute-based encryption scheme based on Cheung and Newport's ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption scheme and prove the scheme satisfies the above three security requirements. We discuss our results and show directions for future research.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE), Access Control, Key Delegation, User Revocation

Date: received 12 Nov 2008

Contact author: mjhinek at alumni uwaterloo ca

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