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Time-Area Optimized Public-Key Engines: MQ-Cryptosystems as Replacement for Elliptic Curves?

Andrey Bogdanov and Thomas Eisenbarth and Andy Rupp and Christopher Wolf

Abstract: In this paper ways to efficiently implement public-key schemes based onMultivariate Quadratic polynomials (MQ-schemes for short) are investigated. In particular, they are claimed to resist quantum computer attacks. It is shown that such schemes can have a much better time-area product than elliptic curve cryptosystems. For instance, an optimised FPGA implementation of amended TTS is estimated to be over 50 times more efficient with respect to this parameter. Moreover, a general framework for implementing small-field MQ-schemes in hardware is proposed which includes a systolic architecture performing Gaussian elimination over composite binary fields.

Category / Keywords: implementation / MQ-cryptosystems, ECC, hardware implementation, TA-product, UOV, Rainbow, amended TTS

Publication Info: A revised version of the original paper accepted for CHES 2008

Date: received 10 Aug 2008

Contact author: abogdanov at crypto rub de

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