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Efficient Key Distribution Schemes for Large Scale Mobile Computing Applications

Mahalingam Ramkumar

Abstract: In emerging networks consisting of large-scale deployments of mobile devices, efficient security mechanisms are required to facilitate cryptographic authentication. While computation and bandwidth overheads are expensive for mobile devices, the cost of storage resources continue to fall at a rapid rate. We propose a simple novel key predistribution scheme, \textit{key subset and symmetric certificates} (KSSC) which can take good advantage of inexpensive storage resources, and has many compelling advantages over other approaches for facilitating ad hoc establishment of pairwise secrets in mobile computing environments. We argue that a combination of KSSC with a variant of an elegant KDS proposed by Leighton and Micali is an appealing choice for securing large scale deployments of mobile devices.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / key predistribution, probabilistic schemes

Publication Info: Variant of a paper submitted to IEEE Trans. on Mobile Computing

Date: received 14 Jul 2008

Contact author: ramkumar at cse msstate edu

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