Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/325

Revisit of Group-based Unidirectional Proxy Re-encryption Scheme

Chunbo Ma and Jun Ao

Abstract: Currently, researchers have focused their attention on proxy re-encryption scheme deployed between two entities. Lots of bidirectional schemes have been proposed and this kind of scheme is suitable for the scenario in which the two entities have already established a relationship of trust. How to construct a unidirectional scheme is an open problem and receiving increasing attention. In this paper, we present a unidirectional proxy re-encryption scheme for group communication. In this scheme, a proxy is only allowed to convert ciphertext for Alice into ciphertext for Bob without revealing any information on plaintext or private key. It is suitable for the environment in which no mutual relationship exists and transitivity is not permitted. We prove the scheme secure against chosen ciphertext attack in standard model.

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Date: received 26 Jul 2008, last revised 18 Sep 2008

Contact author: machunbo at guet edu cn

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