Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/317

Elliptic Curves Scalar Multiplication Combining Multi-base Number Representation with Point halving

Abdulwahed M. Ismail and Mohamad Rushdan

Abstract: Elliptic curves scalar multiplication over some finite fields, attractive research area, which paid much attention by researchers in the recent years. Researchs still in progress to improve elliptic curves cryptography implementation and reducing its complexity. Elliptic curve point-halving algorithm proposed in and later double-base chain and step multi-base chain are among efficient techniques offered in this field. Our paper proposes new algorithm combining step multi-base number representation and point halving. We extend the work done by K. W. Wong, which combined double base chain with point halving technique. The expriment results show our contribution will enhance elliptic curves scalar multiplication.

Category / Keywords: implementation / Elliptic curves cryptography, Integer representation, Multi-number rsystem, Point halving.

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Date: received 21 Jul 2008, withdrawn 9 Feb 2010

Contact author: wahid963 at yahoo com

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