Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/274

Twisted Ate Pairing on Hyperelliptic Curves and Applications

Fangguo Zhang

Abstract: In this paper we show that the twisted Ate pairing on elliptic curves can be generalized to hyperelliptic curves, we also give a series of variations of the hyperelliptic Ate and twisted Ate pairings. Using the hyperelliptic Ate pairing and twisted Ate pairing, we propose a new approach to speed up the Weil pairing computation, and obtain an interested result: For some hyperelliptic curves with high degree twist, using this approach to compute Weil pairing will be faster than Tate pairing, Ate pairing etc. all known pairings.

Category / Keywords: Ate pairing, Weil pairing, Hyperelliptic curves

Date: received 13 Jun 2008, last revised 18 Jun 2008

Contact author: isszhfg at mail sysu edu cn

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