Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/159

A non-interactive deniable authentication scheme based on designated verifier proofs

Bin Wang

Abstract: A deniable authentication protocol enables a receiver to identify the source of the given messages but unable to prove to a third party the identity of the sender. In recent years, several non-interactive deniable authentication schemes have been proposed in order to enhance efficiency. In this paper, we propose a security model for non-interactive deniable authentication schemes. Then a non-interactive deniable authentication scheme is presented based on designated verifier proofs. Furthermore, we prove the security of our scheme under the DDH assumption.

Category / Keywords: Deniable authentication, Authentication, Designated verifier proofs, DDH assumption, Provable security;

Date: received 4 Apr 2008, last revised 27 Jul 2008

Contact author: xiaobinw at yahoo com

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