Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/123

Secure Adiabatic Logic: a Low-Energy DPA-Resistant Logic Style

Mehrdad Khatir and Amir Moradi

Abstract: The charge recovery logic families have been designed several years ago not in order to eliminate the side-channel leakage but to reduce the power consumption. However, in this article we present a new charge recovery logic style not only to gain high energy efficiency but also to achieve the resistance against side-channel attacks (SDA) especially against differential power analysis (DPA) attacks. Simulation results show a significant improvement in DPA-resistance level as well as in power consumption reduction in comparison with DPA-resistant logic styles proposed so far.

Category / Keywords: DPA, DPA-Resistance, Cell Level Countermeasure, SAL

Date: received 17 Mar 2008, last revised 17 Mar 2008

Contact author: moradi at crypto rub de

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