Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/108

New Differential-Algebraic Attacks and Reparametrization of Rainbow

Jintai Ding AND Bo-Yin Yang AND Owen Chen AND Ming-Shing Chen AND Doug Cheng

Abstract: A recently proposed class of multivariate quadratic schemes, the Rainbow-Like signature Schemes, in which successive sets of central variables are obtained from previous ones by solving linear equations, seem to lead to efficient schemes (TTS, TRMS, and Rainbow) that perform well on systems of low computational resources. Recently SFLASH ($C^{\ast-}$) was broken by Dubois, Fouque, Shamir, and Stern via a differential attack. In this paper, we exhibit similar attacks based on differentials, that will reduce published Rainbow-like schemes below their security levels. We will present a new type of construction of Rainbow-Like schemes and design signature schemes with new parameters for practical applications.

Category / Keywords: rank, differential attack, algebraic attack, oil-and-vinegar

Publication Info: Will appear at ACNS 2008 and Springer LNCS volume 5037

Date: received 10 Mar 2008, last revised 24 May 2008

Contact author: by at moscito org

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