Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/105

Cryptanalysis of White-Box Implementations

W. Michiels and P. Gorissen and H.D.L. Hollmann

Abstract: A white-box implementation of a block cipher is a software implementation from which it is difficult for an attacker to extract the cryptographic key. Chow et al. published white-box implementations for AES and DES that both have been cryptanalyzed. However, these white-box implementations are based on ideas that can easily be used to derive white-box implementations for other block ciphers as well. As the cryptanalyses published use typical properties of AES and DES, it remains an open question whether the white-box techniques proposed by Chow et al. can result in a secure white-box implementation for other ciphers than AES and DES. In this paper we identify a generic class of block ciphers for which the white-box techniques of Chow et al. do not result in a secure white-box implementation. The result can serve as a basis to design block ciphers and to develop white-box techniques that do result in secure white-box implementations.

Category / Keywords: implementation / cryptanalysis, white-box cryptography, block ciphers

Date: received 10 Mar 2008

Contact author: wil michiels at philips com

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