Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2008/080

Pairing-Based Onion Routing with Improved Forward Secrecy

Aniket Kate and Greg Zaverucha and Ian Goldberg

Abstract: This paper presents new protocols for onion routing anonymity networks. We define a provably secure privacy-preserving key agreement scheme in an identity-based infrastructure setting, and use it to forge new onion routing circuit constructions. These constructions, based on a user's selection, offer immediate or eventual forward secrecy at each node in a circuit and require significantly less computation and communication than the telescoping mechanism used by Tor. Further, the use of the identity-based infrastructure also leads to a reduction in the required amount of authenticated directory information. Therefore, our constructions provide practical ways to allow onion routing anonymity networks to scale gracefully.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Onion routing, Tor, pairing-based cryptography, anonymous key agreement, forward secrecy

Publication Info: Extended version of a paper published in PETS 2007

Date: received 20 Feb 2008

Contact author: iang at cs uwaterloo ca

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