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A New Proxy Identity-Based Signcryption Scheme for Partial Delegation of Signing Rights

Hassan Elkamchouchi and Yasmine Abouelseoud

Abstract: In this paper, a new identity-based proxy signcryption scheme is presented. The proposed scheme allows partial delegation of signing rights. Consequently, a signature created by the proxy signer is distinguishable from that created by the principal signer. This level of security is a common requirement in many applications to prevent malicious proxy agents from impersonating the principal signer. Moreover, the scheme is based on bilinear pairings over elliptic curves and thus smaller key sizes are required compared to schemes not utilizing elliptic curves. A revocation protocol of dishonest agents is given together with a renewal procedure for the proxies of honest agents. Finally, an application scenario for the proposed scheme is presented.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / identity-based cryptosystems, proxy signcryption, network security

Publication Info: submitted to International Journal of Information Technology

Date: received 25 Jan 2008

Contact author: yasmine abouelseoud at gmail com

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