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An Improved Remote User Authentication Scheme with Smart Cards using Bilinear Pairings

Amit K Awasthi

Abstract: Recently Manik et al. [3] proposed a novel remote user authentication scheme using bilinear pairings. Various attacks were discussed on this scheme. Recently, Fang et al [15] re-analyzed these schemes and pointed out that these further proposed schemes are not secure. They proposed an improvement to previous schemes. Recently, Giri and Srivastava [16] observed that the improved scheme is still insecure to off-line attack and they suggested an improvement on Feng et al's scheme. However, the improved scheme is still insecure. In this paper, we discuss these attacks and propose an improvement of their scheme that provides the better security compared to the schemes previously published

Category / Keywords: applications / Authentication; Smart Card; Attacks; Password; Timestamp

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Date: received 4 Nov 2007, last revised 7 Nov 2007, withdrawn 7 Nov 2007

Contact author: awasthi_hcst at yahoo com

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