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A Forward Secure Remote User Authentication Scheme

Manoj Kumar

Abstract: Remote user authentication schemes allow a valid user to login a remote server. In 2000, Hwang and Li's proposed a new remote user authentication scheme with smart cards. In the recent years,some researchers pointed out the security weaknesses of Hwang and Li's scheme and they also proposed some modified schemes to avoid these weaknesses. This paper analyzes that Hwang and Li's scheme does not satisfy some essential security requirements. Hwang and Li's scheme and all the modified schemes do not support mutual authentication between the remote user and the remote server also there is no session key generation phase for secure communication. In addition, in Hwang and Li's scheme, the remote user is not free to change his password. This paper present an ideal remote user authentication scheme with smart cards that not only resolves all the security problems of Hwang and Li's scheme, but also provides all the essential security requirements and forward secrecy to the remote server.

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Date: received 4 Aug 2007

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