Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2007/296

Construction of Efficient and Secure Pairing Algorithm and its Application

Doo Ho Choi, Dong-Guk Han, and Howon Kim

Abstract: The randomized projective coordinate (RPC) method applied to a pairing computation algorithm is a good solution that provides an efficient countermeasure against side channel attacks. In this study, we investigate measures for increasing the efficiency of the RPC-based countermeasures and construct a method that provides an efficient RPC-based countermeasure against side channel attacks. We then apply our method to the well-known $\eta_T$ pairing algorithm over binary fields and obtain an RPC-based countermeasure for the $\eta_T$ pairing; our method is more efficient than the RPC method applied to the original $\eta_T$ pairing algorithm.

Category / Keywords: Side Channel Attacks, Differential Power Analysis, Randomized Projective Coordinate, Tate Pairing, Eta Pairing

Date: received 31 Jul 2007, last revised 27 Dec 2007

Contact author: dhchoi at etri re kr

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