Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2007/281

A Pollard-like pseudorandom number generator over EC

Grzegorz Wojtenko

Abstract: In this short paper we propose a pseudorandom number generator over EC based on Pollard-like method. In contrast to the well known Elliptic Curve Random Number Generator (see e.g. ANSI and NIST draft standards) the generator is based on a random walk over the group of EC-points like in the original Pollard’s rho algorithm and only resembles a little bit the linear congruential generator over elliptic curve. Compared to other approaches, the method allows to decrease the cost of generating pseudorandom numbers. This generator could be used in resource constrained devices like smart cards which have already been equipped with EC-based tools for other cryptographic purposes.

Category / Keywords: applications /

Publication Info: elliptic curve cryptosystem; pseudo-randomness

Date: received 22 Jul 2007

Contact author: Grzegorz Wojtenko at wincor-nixdorf com

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