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Accelerating SSL using the Vector processors in IBM's Cell Broadband Engine for Sony's Playstation 3

Neil Costigan and Michael Scott

Abstract: Recently the major performance chip manufacturers have turned to multi-core technology as a more cost effective alternative to ever increasing clock speeds. IBM have introduced the Cell Broadband Engine (Cell) as their next generation CPU to feed the insatiable appetite modern multimedia and number crunching applications have for processing power. The Cell is the technology at the heart of Sonys Playstation 3. The Cell contains a number of specialist synergistic processor units (SPUs) optimised for multimedia processing and offer a rich programming interface to applications that can make use of the vector processing capabilities. Multiprecision number manipulation for use in cryptography is one such application. This paper explores the implementation and performance gains when using these capabilities for SSL.

Category / Keywords: implementation / SSL

Date: received 19 Feb 2007, last revised 22 Nov 2007

Contact author: neil costigan at computing dcu ie

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Note: REvision notes:- -Incorporated suggestions given by anonymous reviewers from the SPEED'07 workshop (Amsterdam) at which this paper was presented. -Added section on the Cell as a HSM -Reformat to the more commonly used llncs style -Small editorial changes (typo )

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