Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2007/046

Direct Reduction of String (1,2)-OT to Rabin's OT

Kaoru Kurosawa and Takeshi Koshiba

Abstract: It is known that string (1,2)-OT and Rabin's OT are equivalent. However, two steps are required to construct a string $(1,2)$-OT from Rabin's OT. The first step is a construction of a bit (1,2)-OT from Rabin's OT, and the second step is a construction of a string $(1,2)$-OT from the bit (1,2)-OT. No direct reduction is known. In this paper, we show a direct reduction of string (1,2)-OT to Rabin's OT by using a deterministic randomness extractor. Our reduction is much more efficient than the previous two-step reduction.

Category / Keywords: foundations / Oblivious Transfer, Reduction

Date: received 13 Feb 2007, last revised 31 Mar 2007

Contact author: koshiba at tcs ics saitama-u ac jp

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