Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2006/388

Survey on Security Requirements and Models for Group Key Exchange

Mark Manulis

Abstract: In this report we provide an analytical survey on security issues that are relevant for group key exchange (GKE) protocols. We start with the description of the security requirements that have been informally described in the literature and widely used to analyze security of earlier GKE protocols. Most of these definitions were originally stated for two-party protocols and then adapted to a group setting. These informal definitions are foundational for the later appeared formal security models for GKE protocols whose development, strengths, and weaknesses are also described and analyzed.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / group key exchange, security requirements, models, survey, analysis

Publication Info: Technical Report of Horst Goertz Institute for IT Security Nr. 2006/02

Date: received 4 Nov 2006, last revised 5 Jan 2008

Contact author: mark manulis at rub de

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Note: Some changes in Sec. 3.9 and 4. New Section 3.11.

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