Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2006/295

Visual secret sharing scheme with autostereogram

Feng Yi and Daoshun Wang and Yiqi Dai

Abstract: Visual secret sharing scheme (VSSS) is a secret sharing method which decodes the secret by using the contrast ability of the human visual system. Autostereogram is a single two dimensional (2D) image which becomes a virtual three dimensional (3D) image when viewed with proper eye convergence or divergence. Combing the two technologies via human vision, this paper presents a new visual secret sharing scheme called (k, n)-VSSS with autostereogram. In the scheme, each of the shares is an autostereogram. Stacking any k shares, the secret image is recovered visually without any equipment, but no secret information is obtained with less than k shares.

Category / Keywords: visual secret sharing scheme; visual cryptography; autostereogram

Date: received 29 Aug 2006

Contact author: yif02 at mails tsinghua edu cn

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