Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2006/239

Resettable Zero Knowledge in the Bare Public-Key Model under Standard Assumption

Yi Deng and Dongdai Lin

Abstract: In this paper we resolve an open problem regarding resettable zero knowledge in the bare public-key (BPK for short) model: Does there exist constant round resettable zero knowledge argument with concurrent soundness for $\mathcal{NP}$ in BPK model without assuming \emph{sub-exponential hardness}? We give a positive answer to this question by presenting such a protocol for any language in $\mathcal{NP}$ in the bare public-key model assuming only collision-resistant hash functions against \emph{polynomial-time} adversaries.

Category / Keywords: Resettable Zero Knowledge, Concurrent Soundness, Bare Public-Key Model, Resettably sound Zero Knowledge.

Date: received 12 Jul 2006, last revised 24 Jul 2006

Contact author: ydeng at is iscas ac cn

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