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A handy multi-coupon system

Sebastien Canard and Aline Gouget and Emeline Hufschmitt

Abstract: A coupon is an electronic data that represents the right to access a service provided by a service provider (e.g. gift certificates or movie tickets). Recently, a privacy-protecting multi-coupon system that allows a user to withdraw a predefined number of single coupons from the service provider has been proposed by Chen et al. at Financial Crypto 2005. In this system, every coupon has the same value which is predetermined by the system. The main drawbacks of Chen et al. proposal are that the redemption protocol of their system is inefficient, and that no formal security model is proposed. In this paper, we consequently propose a formal security model for coupon systems and design a practical multi-coupon system with new features: the quantity of single coupons in a multi-coupon is not defined by the system and the value of each coupon is chosen in a predefined set of values.

Category / Keywords: applications / Electronic coupons, e-cash, security model, proof of knowledge

Publication Info: Full version of the paper accepted at the ACNS 2006 conference

Date: received 6 Jul 2006

Contact author: sebastien canard at orange-ft com

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Note: The ePrint paper corresponds to the full version of the paper that has been accepted at the ACNS conference. The ePrint version includes the complete tools section and the security proof is provided.

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