Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2006/147

New Integrated proof Method on Iterated Hash Structure and New Structures

Duo Lei

Abstract: In this paper, we give a integrated proof method on security proof of iterated hash structure. Based on the proof method, we can distinguish the security of Merkel-DamagÄrd structure, wide-pipe hash, double-pipe hash and 3c hash and know the requirement on true design compression function, we also give a new recommend structure. At last, we give a new hash structure, MAC structure, encryption model, and which use same block cipher round function and key schedule algorithm and are based on Feistel structure, the security proofs on those structures are also given.

Category / Keywords: Hash function, hash structure, security proof, wide-pipe hash, double-pipe hash

Date: received 9 Apr 2006, last revised 31 Jul 2006

Contact author: duoduolei at gmail com

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Note: The PPT version can ge gotten from the author.( the conclusions)

That paper will be part of my PhD paper, any comments and suggestions are welcome.

The title, abstract, introduction section5 and section8 are revised

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