Paper 2006/124

Fast Elliptic Scalar Multiplication using New Double-base Chain and Point Halving

K. W. Wong, Edward C. W. Lee, L. M. Cheng, and Xiaofeng Liao


The fast implementation of elliptic curve cryptosystems relies on the efficient computation of scalar multiplication. Based on the double-base chain representation of scalar using powers of 2 and 3, we propose a new representation with powers of ½ and 3 instead. Thus the efficient point halving operation can be incorporated in the new double-base chain to achieve fast scalar multiplication. Experimental results show that our approach leads to a lower complexity which contributes to the efficient implementation of elliptic curve cryptosystems.

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Public-key cryptography
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Published elsewhere. Not submitted to a journal yet.
elliptic curve cryptosystem
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itkwwong @ cityu edu hk
2006-03-29: received
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