Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2005/430

F-HASH: Securing Hash Functions Using Feistel Chaining

Duo Lei

Abstract: The Feistel structure is well-known as a good structure for building block ciphers, due to its property of invertibility. It can be made non-invertible by fixing the left half of the input to 0, and by discarding the left half of the output bits. It then becomes suitable as a hash function construction. This paper uses the structure to build a hash function called F-Hash, which is immune to recent attack styles. In this paper, a more precise evaluation method, based upon conditional probability, is given.

Category / Keywords: Hash, Block cipher, Feistel Structure

Date: received 26 Nov 2005, last revised 20 Aug 2006

Contact author: duoduolei at gmail com

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Note: "Thanks to Dr. Matt Henricksen for editing and structural suggestions".

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