Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2005/372

Secret color images sharing schemes based on XOR operation

Dao-Shun Wang, Lei Zhang, Ning Ma and Lian-Sheng Huang

Abstract: This paper presents two new constructions for the secret color images sharing schemes .One is a (n, n) threshold scheme, which can be constructed based on XOR operation. The other is a (2, n) threshold scheme, which can be constructed by using AND and XOR operations. The two schemes have no pixel expansion, and the time complexity for constructing shared images is O(k1n), excluding the time needed for generating n distinct random matrices (here k1 is the size of the shared image). The reconstructed images can be obtained in the two schemes by using the XOR operation alone. The relative differences of the two schemes are 1 and 1/2, respectively. The time complexity of the recovered images is O(k1n) and O(2k1), respectively. The two schemes also provide perfect secrecy.

Category / Keywords: Secret sharing scheme; Visual cryptography; Visual secret sharing scheme; XOR operation; Perfect secrecy

Date: received 15 Oct 2005

Contact author: daoshun at mail tsinghua edu cn

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