Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2005/339

Identity-Based Key Agreement with Unilateral Identity Privacy Using Pairings

Zhaohui Cheng and Liqun Chen and Richard Comley and Qiang Tang

Abstract: In most of the existing identity-based key agreement schemes, it is usually assumed that either the communicated parties know each other's identifier before the protocol starts or their identifiers are transferred along with the protocol messages. However, these schemes are not suitable for use in many real-world applications aimed to achieve unilateral identity privacy, which means that one communicating party does not want to expose his identifier to an outsider while his partner cannot know his identifier in advance. In this paper, we propose an efficient identity-based two-party key agreement scheme with unilateral identity privacy using pairing, and formally analyze its security in a modified Bellare-Rogaway key agreement security model.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols /

Date: received 19 Sep 2005, last revised 27 Sep 2005

Contact author: m z cheng at mdx ac uk

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