Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2005/285

Generalizations of RSA public key cryptosystems

Li Banghe

Abstract: In this paper, for given $N=pq$ with $p$ and $q$ different primes and a unimodular polynomial with coefficients in ${\Bbb Z}$ mod $N$, we give a public key cryptosystem. When the degree of the polynomial is $1$, the system is just the famous RSA system. And when the degree bigger than $1$, the system is usually more secure than the original RSA systems. Some part-correct systems are introduced so that the period of any message in these systems under the Simmons attack are bigger than that of any message in the RSA system.

Category / Keywords: Public key cryptosystem; RSA

Date: received 23 Aug 2005, last revised 26 Oct 2005

Contact author: libh at amss ac cn

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Note: I have revised the paper, more complete and clear comparing the original version

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