Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2005/157

FOX Algorithm Implementation: a hardware design approach

Colm O'Keeffe and Emanuel Popovici

Abstract: Encryption algorithms are becoming more necessary to ensure data is securely transmitted over insecure communication channels. FOX is a recently developed algorithm and its structure is based on the already proven IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm) cipher.

FOX is a symmetric (private key) block cipher. Its top-level structure uses the Lai-Massey scheme and the round functions used in the scheme are substitution permutation networks (SPN). Its flexibility lies in the fact that it can be efficiently implemented in hardware and software. We report some of the first results of implementing the cipher on an FPGA.

Category / Keywords: implementation / secret key, block cipher, FPGA

Date: received 28 May 2005

Contact author: colm okeeffe at mars ucc ie

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Note: Work is currently being done on implementing the FOX key-scheduling algorithm that will eventually run concurrently with the encryption algorithm described in this paper. Once this is completed the paper will be updated with the results.

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