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Nam-Su Jho, Jung Hee Cheon, Myung-Hwan Kim, and Eun Sun Yoo

Abstract: We propose a new broadcast encryption scheme $\pi$ based on the idea of `one key per each punctured interval'. Let $N$ and $r$ be the numbers of total users and revoked users, respectively. In our scheme with $p$-punctured $c$-intervals, the transmission overhead is asymptotically {\normalsize$\frac r{p+1}$} as $r$ grows. We also introduce two variants of our scheme to improve the efficiency for small $r$. Our scheme is very flexible with two parameters $p$ and $c$. We may take $p$ as large as possible if a user device allows a large key storage, and set $c$ as small as possible if the storage size and the computing power is limited. Our scheme also possesses another remarkable feature that any number of new users can join at any time without key refreshment, which is not possible in other known practical schemes.

Category / Keywords: applications / Broadcast Encryption, revocation, one-way function, punctured interval

Publication Info: Proceedings of Eurocrypt '05

Date: received 4 Mar 2005

Contact author: drake at math snu ac kr

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Note: This paper is the original version that we submitted to Eurocrypt'05. In the proceedings, the merged version of this paper with another paper(submitted by Hwang and Lee of Korea Univ.) will appear.

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