Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2004/301

VMPC-MAC: A Stream Cipher Based Authenticated Encryption Scheme

Bartosz Zoltak

Abstract: A stream cipher based algorithm for computing Message Authentication Codes is described. The algorithm employs the internal state of the underlying cipher to minimize the required additional-to-encryption computational effort and maintain general simplicity of the design. The scheme appears to provide proper statistical properties, a comfortable level of resistance against forgery attacks in a chosen ciphertext attack model and high efficiency in software implementations.

Category / Keywords: secret-key cryptography / Authenticated Encryption, MAC, Stream Cipher, VMPC

Publication Info: Outlined at FSE 2004 Rump Session, Delhi, India, 5-7 Feb. 2004; outlined at national Polish-language, no-proceedings cryptology conference Enigma 2004, Warsaw, 11-13 May 2004

Date: received 11 Nov 2004, last revised 18 Nov 2004

Contact author: bzoltak at vmpcfunction com

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Note: VMPC-MAC is a successor to the Tail-MAC scheme, which was broken with complexity 2^32. Tail-MAC's description with an outline of two strong attacks can be found at ePrint as report 2004/048. The VMPC-MAC scheme solves all the security problems found in the Tail-MAC and employs a different approach - it is a cipher-specific, dedicated to the VMPC Stream Cipher, rather than a general scheme.

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