Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2004/254

New paradigms for digital generation and post-processing of random data

Jovan Dj. Golic

Abstract: A new method for digital true random number generation based on asynchronous logic circuits with feedback is introduced. In particular, a concrete technique using the so-called Fibonacci and Galois ring oscillators is developed and experimentally tested in FPGA technology. The generated random binary sequences inherently have a high speed and a very high and robust entropy rate in comparison with previous proposals for digital random number generators. A new method for digital post-processing of random data based on non-autonomous synchronous logic circuits with feedback is also introduced and a concrete technique using a self-clock-controlled linear feedback shift register is proposed. The post-processing can provide both randomness extraction and computationally secure speed increase of input random data.

Category / Keywords: foundations / random number generation, secret-key cryptography, public-key cryptography, key management, implementation

Date: received 28 Sep 2004

Contact author: golic at inwind it

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