Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2004/204

Authenticated tree parity machine key exchange

Markus Volkmer and Andre Schaumburg

Abstract: The synchronisation of Tree Parity Machines (TPMs), has proven to provide a valuable alternative concept for secure symmetric key exchange. Yet, from a cryptographer's point of view, authentication is at least as important as a secure exchange of keys. Adding an authentication via hashing e.g. is straightforward but with no relation to Neural Cryptography. We consequently formulate an authenticated key exchange within this concept. Another alternative, integrating a Zero-Knowledge protocol into the synchronisation, is also presented. A Man-In-The-Middle attack and even all currently known attacks, that are based on using identically structured TPMs and synchronisation as well, can so be averted. This in turn has practical consequences on using the trajectory in weight space. Both suggestions have the advantage of not affecting the previously observed physics of this interacting system at all.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / secret-key cryptography, key management, identification protocols,zero knowledge

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Date: received 19 Aug 2004, last revised 11 Nov 2004

Contact author: markus volkmer at tuhh de

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Note: Revision after review.

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