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ID-based Ring Signature and Proxy Ring Signature Schemes from Bilinear Pairings

Amit K Awasthi and Sunder Lal

Abstract: n 2001, Rivest et al. firstly introduced the concept of ring signatures. A ring signature is a simplified group signature without any manager. It protects the anonymity of a signer. The first scheme proposed by Rivest et al. was based on RSA cryptosystem and certificate based public key setting. The first ring signature scheme based on DLP was proposed by Abe, Ohkubo, and Suzuki. Their scheme is also based on the general certificate-based public key setting too. In 2002, Zhang and Kim proposed a new ID-based ring signature scheme using pairings. Later Lin and Wu proposed a more efficient ID-based ring signature scheme. Both these schemes have some inconsistency in computational aspect.

In this paper we propose a new ID-based ring signature scheme and a proxy ring signature scheme. Both the schemes are more efficient than existing one. These schemes also take care of the inconsistencies in above two schemes.

Category / Keywords: cryptographic protocols / Digital Signature, Ring Signature, Bilinear pairings, ID-based.

Publication Info: Not. Completed on 6 Aug 2004.

Date: received 6 Aug 2004

Contact author: awasthi_hcst at yahoo com

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Note: We would like to learns any suggesstion for further improvements. Specially on security aspects.

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