Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2004/023

RDS: Remote Distributed Scheme for Protecting Mobile Agents

Asnat Dadon-Elichai

Abstract: As of today no solely software-based solution that a priori protects the computation of any mobile code and/or mobile agent was presented. Furthermore, Algesheimer et al. [1], argue that minimal trust in a third party is essential for the protection of mobile entities. This paper shows that under very mild assumptions, there exists a software-only based solution that can protect any computation of mobile entities in polynomial time bound systems, and without relaying on the minimal trust requirement.

A novel Remote Distributed Scheme, called RDS, is described. RDS is based on fault-tolerant and modest cryptographic techniques and supports an a priori protection of any mobile computation that is carried in an honest-but-curious environment (“trusted entities”). We next show, by using on probabilistic techniques, that RDS provides an a priori protection for any mobile computation, in any environment, and for any required level of secrecy. We also prove that RDS equivalents, and by thus, provides the same level of protection that is supports by the traditional client/server scheme.

Category / Keywords: Security, mobile agents, mobile codes, secret-sharing, fault-tolerant.

Date: received 29 Jan 2004

Contact author: elichai1 at bezekint net

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