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Proposal on Personal Authentication System in which Biological Information is embedded in Cryptosystem Key

Yukio Itakura and Shigeo Tsujii

Abstract: Biometric personal authentication systems have a common problem --- the biological information can easily be stolen by other individuals. In line with the process of the activities for the international standardization of the biometric system, this paper proposes a typical way to embed biological information, whatever its kind, into cryptographic keys as a measure for privacy protection and against unauthorized use. We believe that our proposal presents the following advantages: the improvement of protecting the privacy of biological information, economical effectiveness resulting from the practical use of the infrastructure of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as a biological information database, and humanity given to a man-machine interface by embedding an individual's biological information into a public key, an important element of the system. This paper also proposes how to build up a practical personal authentication system through the method proposed.

Category / Keywords: applications / identification protocol, finger printing, authentication codes, biometoric authentication, biometoric public key

Date: received 26 May 2003

Contact author: yitakura at nttdtec co jp

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Note: The paper has been issued on IPSJ(Information Processing Society of Japan) SIG(Special Interest Group) Technical Reports, 2003CSEC2, ISSN09196072,Vol.2003,No.45,pp.from19to27(May 2003)

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