Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2003/104

New Proxy Signature, Proxy Blind Signature and Proxy Ring Signature Schemes from Bilinear Pairing

Fangguo Zhang and Reihaneh Safavi-Naini and Chih-Yin Lin

Abstract: Proxy signatures are very useful tools when one needs to delegate his/her signing capability to other party. After Mambo $et\ al.$'s first scheme was announced, many proxy signature schemes and various types of proxy signature schemes have been proposed. Due to the various applications of the bilinear pairings in cryptography, there are many ID-based signature schemes have been proposed. In this paper, we address that it is easy to design proxy signature and proxy blind signature from the conventional ID-based signature schemes using bilinear pairings, and give some concrete schemes based on existed ID-based signature schemes. At the same time, we introduce a new type of proxy signature -- proxy ring signature, and propose the first proxy ring signature scheme based on an existed ID-based ring signature scheme.

Category / Keywords: Proxy signature, ID-based cryptography, Proxy blind signature, Proxy ring signature, Bilinear pairings.

Date: received 25 May 2003, last revised 25 May 2003

Contact author: fangguo at uow edu au

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