Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2003/071

How to Protect Against a Militant Spammer

Markus Jakobsson and John Linn and Joy Algesheimer

Abstract: We consider how to avoid unsolicited e-mail -- so called spam -- in a stronger adversarial model than has previously been considered. Our primary concern is the proposal of an architecture and of protocols preventing against successful spamming attacks launched by a strong attacker. This attacker is assumed to control the communication media and to be capable of corrupting large numbers of protocol participants. Additionally, the same architecture can be used as a basis to support message integrity and privacy, though this is not a primary goal of our work. This results in a simple and efficient solution that is largely backwards-compatible, and which addresses many of the concerns surrounding e-mail communication.

Category / Keywords: applications / email, light-weight, spam

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Date: received 15 Apr 2003

Contact author: mjakobsson at rsasecurity com

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