Cryptology ePrint Archive: Report 2003/054

ID based Cryptosystems with Pairing on Elliptic Curve

Ryuichi SAKAI and Masao KASAHARA

Abstract: The pairings on elliptic curves have been applied for realizing the secure ID based cryptosystems that can be invulnerable to the collusion attacks. The computation of the pairing are necessary for the cryptosystems, though the computation of the pairing requires high cost compared with the computation cost for the power operation over the finite fields or on the elliptic curve when the parameters are securely to be provided.

In this paper we propose an efficient method for a class of ID based cryptosystems which have been proposed by the present authors. The proposed method is able to reduce the number of the computations for the pairing for verifying the ID based signature and also for decoding of the ID based public key cryptosystems with the authentication, by a factor of 2.

Moreover we propose the ID based public key cryptosystems with signature and the ID based public key cryptosystems having the multiple centers.

Category / Keywords: public-key cryptography / Weil pairing, Tate pairing, public key cryptography, signature, elliptic curve

Date: received 24 Mar 2003

Contact author: sakai at isc osakac ac jp

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